For all thoughs that dont know im James i work the recpetion at Alzone. Ive worked there since Jan 4th 2006 (reason why i rember that date is because it was the first day we started my sleeve). I am also the one responsible for the web site so if there are any technical problem let me know through my contact page. Being in charge of the web site gives me a chance to have my own part of the site and have my say (any one who know me will tell you i love a good rant).

Im into old and new skool tattoos and am well on my way to having a full body suit. There are alot of artists that i would like to work on me: Phil Kyle, Jon Hall, Xam, Judd Ripley, Jo Harrison, and last but not least Derek Noble.

Im a huge tea drinker and make sure the kettle rarely goes cold at work, so if ur coming in for ink there will always be tea and coffee on tap..